Happy Anniversary!  

Four years ago (as of yesterday) I entered the blogosphere. What started as a challenge to be less guarded thereby blogging my thoughts and opinions, have turned into four years of free therapy. Blogging about the things that are on my mind and using my readers as a sounding board has been truly rewarding and special. I’ve been able to share my thoughts and accept criticism in the process. The blog has also functioned as a time capsule capturing great memories and angsts in my life.

This blog started off with only a handful of people knowing who was behind each post. I posted fairly infrequently due to my demanding schedule and shared just a tidbit of how I really felt about certain topics. It has since morphed into more than 1500 followers, many of whom send me kind words irrespective of their position on what I have posted. I’ve even posted pictures showing you the face behind the words (that’s huge!!!). I took the time to go back and read every post since day 1 and enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

I made resolution to try to post more often and I’ve posted more in the past year than I have in previous years, so I’m on track to keeping my promise. Thank you to all the readers who have made the past 4 years of airing my issues feel as if I was always talking to close friends. I hope you all continue to read and send me your thoughts (preferably by commenting below versus via e-mail) or topics you’d like to see me write about.

Cheers to 4 years!

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