Happy New Year From Cape Town!

After reading my post on my resolutions, a reader suggested that I also post about my accomplishments–2013 has been a great year. I traveled the world, made new friends, reconnected with old friends, received a promotion, received an award at work, started a group of phenomenal ladies, learned more about myself, tackled my first pro bono case without my partner mentor, completed my first 10 miler, learned the meaning of happiness, donated money to great causes, recognized I am beauty-full (inside and out) and wonderfully made, and I rang in the new new year in South Africa with one of my favorite people–my mom!

imageGod has blessed me with so much and I remain humbled and thankful for all who provided me with love, patience and understanding. Some people came into my life for seconds, minutes, days, weeks and months. Irrespective of the time, thanks for the lessons you taught me. from some I learned difficult lessons but I thank the universe for the experience. In 2014 I will continue the challenge of learning to live in the now and live my own truth. Thanks for the continued support to my blog! Wishing everyone an amazing and prosperous 2014 from Cape Town!!


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