What’s Your Excuse?

“If someone asks why are you still single, tell them you were born that way.”

 If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you already understand my disdain with the many articles and books that have been published about why (black) women are single.  Every now and again, I’ll speak to someone and in a bewildered tone, they say, “I can’t understand why you’re single.”  It’s oftentimes followed by an awkward pause as they await my explanation, or a quip such as “at night, horns grow out of my head”.  I’ve considered walking around with a list to provide said inquirer with a litany of reasons that may quell their curiosity.

Ironically, as I recently celebrated another year of life on this earth, I expect that this question will come up more frequently (unless I implement OFAM*).  Nevertheless, the next time I’m asked why I’m single, I will be prepared.  I won’t have to pull out a list, nor will there be any awkward pauses.  The answer will simple be—I was born this way!  I never thought I needed an excuse, but now that Lady Gaga is the recent celebrity to coin the term, it may carry more weight in silencing the critics.

So ladies (I direct it at the ladies because this question isn’t posed to men nearly as often), the next time someone wants to know why you don’t have a man, tell them “I WAS BORN THIS WAY–what’s your excuse.”  Of course, if you have a twin, you will have to come up with another witty/snarky response.

 *OFAM = Operation Find A Man

2 Responses to “What’s Your Excuse?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was born that way is not an excuse. Read Book of Genesis 1:27-28 and Book of Genesis 2:24 and you will find the answer.


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