“Have no fear of change.  Losing something good could be making room for something great!”

Change used to be one of the most crippling actions for me.  The only things  I didn’t mind changing often were my underwear and my hair.  For most children, consistency is key.  Some adults become bored with a monotonous life, but for a long time, I woke up everyday embracing the monotony.  I took comfort in knowing that my day would be the same as the one that came before it.  And with each day, a fear of change grew deeper.

One day Over the course of time, I embraced the notion that losing something good enabled me to make room for something great.  Lack of change was holding me back.  Not wanting to let go of friends who had almost redefined the definition of friend to foe, holding on to relationships that I knew were heading nowhere out of fear of embracing a better one.  The fear that delving into something new may not bring the outcome that I desire.

Today I feel 100 times lighter and  1000 times happier–I embrace the outcome of what change brings!  The seasons change so why shouldn’t you?  Our attitude toward change determines the effect it will have on our lives.  Looking back at who I used to be and who I am today, I’m grateful for all the good and bad changes I have experienced.  


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