Get Out and Vote!

The other day my mother called me as I was busy at work.  As I answered hurriedly she asked me if I could research the names of  candidates who were running for office in Florida.  My first reaction was are you kidding me?  Does she think I go to work to surf the internet? But then I thought to myself, my mom, an immigrant of this country, understood the importance of casting her vote and she wanted it to be for the right candidates.  So I stopped what I was working on and performed a cursory search for the names she provided me (not to mention you can’t tell my mother no).  After skimming Wikipedia, I told her the first candidate she asked about was a key proponent of the impeachment of President Clinton–according to my mother, that was an immediate no-vote for him.  My mother is a registered Republican but doesn’t always vote along party lines.  Along with the candidates she had pre-determined she would vote for, I armed her with a few additional tidbits on the others so she could feel like she was making a sound decision.  There was no true science to who she voted for when she walked into that voting booth to cast her early vote, but the most important thing was that she voted.

I still remember two years ago where I was and who I was with as I watched Wolf Blitzer on CNN announce that Barack Obama was the new president of the United States.  Whether you voted for him or not, it was great to be alive for such a historical period.  Fast forward two years later.  Has America changed since Obama has become our new president?  The answer to this question may differ among some of us.  Whether you think our president is doing a great job or whether you believe that the right wing needs more power to keep him accountable, it’s the mid-term elections and we all need to exercise our civic duty and get out and vote!


One Response to “Get Out and Vote!”

  1. Tyson Says:

    [LIST], she could have asked me! I have strong opinions on Ms. “Dereliction of Duty” Sink and “I support the AZ immigration law” lawyer, Marco Rubio.


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