Thoughts On Turning Thirty


Jay-Z coined the term thirty’s the new twenty.  And for many of you guys in your thirties, the term illustrates how young you feel at heart.  For those of us still in our twenties, it has made the road to thirty feel less daunting.  I’m not sure when thirty became a milestone and why some of us give so much meaning to this age.  Many have privately told me that all my posts have the same theme–relationships, man-hating, single-and-scorned, etc.  This may be true, and it may be attributable to the fact that I am turning thirty soon. 

I recently found a letter written in my English poetry class during my senior year of college.  I was twenty-years-old and my professor told us to write where we see ourselves in five years.  At twenty-five, I thought (1) I would be a practicing attorney, (2) preparing to purchase my first home and (3) engaged to be married.  At twenty-nine I have accomplished one-third of my expectations.  Do I think I have failed?  Not in the least.  Were my expectations unrealistic?  No, I wouldn’t say that either. 

My best friend turned thirty last month and she was initially depressed.  I don’t feel depressed as it gets closer to the day, but like most almost-thirty-year-olds, I wish my life was more “together.”   What does together mean?  I have no clue–but it’s what we all say.  A part of me will always strive for the perfect life.  But, as much as my family congratulates me on my accolades, I now get the ever-so-annoying question, “When are you going to settle down?” 

The only thing I’ve learned about settling down as I inch closer to thirty, is to accept that being married is not for everyone, and it does not define me.  My desire to be successful at everything is sometimes my demise.  I have not failed in life if I purchase a home but never fulfill the third expectation written on my list ten years ago.  If thirty is really the new twenty, then I have ten more years to go!


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