Book of the Month (May)

I was listening to Michael Baisden earlier today and he mentioned that next year he will debut his “I Love Black Women” tour. As I listened, it reminded me of a book I read about seven years ago titled, Why I Love Black Women.  It’s authored by Michael Eric Dyson (currently a professor at my alma mater), known for his take on African-American history and pop culture. I remember when I purchased it in the bookstore as my book of the week for my metro rides to work. Everyday someone on the train or at the train station would make a comment about the book. Some asked if I liked it and others told me what great things they thought about the book.

 I don’t want to give too much away (I hate when someone tells me the entire plot of a book) but I remember reaching to the end and feeling so proud to call myself a black woman. Professor Dyson wrote eloquently about the various black women he had encountered in his life and the integral role they played. He illustrated the beauty in all of them as he spoke about his experiences—I saw a little bit of myself in each of them. The eloquently written words composed by a black man made me feel proud and special at the same time.

 When I finished the book, I sent an e-mail to Professor Dyson (at the time he was teaching at UPenn) telling him how much I enjoyed and appreciated him writing the book.  A year later, a friend and I attended his book signing (for another book).  Although I own quite a few of his books , I brought “Why I Love Black Women” to the book signing where he penned a note and signed his name in the front cover.

 I haven’t picked up the book since I read it over five years ago, but I think it will be the next book on my (re)reading list.  I strongly recommend it to everyone as a great read. If you’ve read it or plan on reading it, I would love your feedback on whether you had the same experience as I did.


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